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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Sabotage: Desecration Of The Dead 100 Betrayal Yes Infinite
Lore And Legend: Clockwork 55 Lore and Legend Yes No
New Halas: Cliff Drifters 77 City Tasks No Infinite
My Dear, Deloris... 90 Heritage No No
Sylvan Hunters: Dragon Drool Leeches 75 City Tasks No Infinite
Thrown To The Flames 90 Eastern Wastes No No
Prince Agtak's Hit List 40 Deathfist Citadel No No
Potion Problem (Rush Order) 34 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
A Feather On The Sea 87 Great Divide No No
A Presence Of Evil 2 Queen's Colony No No
Qeynos Band Aid 100 World Event Yes No
Tainted Glove 5 Stonestair Byway No No
Throne Of Storms: Praetorian Purge 96 Mission No Infinite
Protectors Of Growth: Treespirit Thumpers 52 City Tasks No Infinite
Never Judge A Book By Its Cover 19 Antonica No No
Thurgadin Thinning 90 Great Divide No No
In The Name Of Honor 4 Outpost of the Overlord No No
A Gigglegibber's Work Is Never Done (by A Gigglegibber). (Neriak) 5 World Event No 10 times
Inner Strength 31 Ruins of Varsoon No No
Lost Rations 81 The Sundered Frontier No No
Muckflick Message Intercepted! 22 Butcherblock Mountains No No
Vengeance For Marlea Sayer 21 Antonica No No
Smugglers' Secrets 13 Commonlands No No
Seeking Crystalline Carapaces 66 City Tasks No Infinite
A Knight's Word 83 Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken No No