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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
The Greater Cause 60 No No
Neriak Bounty: Quargos De'Vazin 100 Betrayal Yes No
Pointy End Goes Into Other Guy (Rush Order) 74 City Tradeskill Tasks Yes Infinite
Lore And Legend: Gnoll 50 Lore and Legend Yes No
Tutorial: The Art Of Weapons 6 Tradeskill No No
Make Like A Tree 13 Greater Faydark No No
Hate Can Sustain You 27 Nektulos Forest No No
The Cogsmasher 16 Greater Faydark No No
Desperate Times Mean Desperate Ingredients - Netherpetal Nibblers 88 The Stonebrunt Highlands No 4 times
Destroyer Of Lashka 60 Hallmark Yes No
Far Seas Requisition - WC 124 20 Commonlands No Infinite
The Trial Of Steel 79 Kunzar Jungle No No
Brittle Chips Ahoy 100 World Event Yes Infinite
A Heroic Confrontation 70 City Tasks Yes Infinite
Order Of Arcane: Ebon Drakes 46 City Tasks No Infinite
Green Hood Ration Recipe 35 Zek, the Orcish Wastes No Infinite
Cabilisian Cuisine (Rush Order) 79 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
Wave After Wave After Wave 20 City Tasks No Infinite
Breaking It Down 71 Kylong Plains No No
Poison On The Menu 90 Great Divide No No
The Age Of Rediscovery 15 Antonica No No
Collapse 40 Rivervale No No
The Sins Of Butcherblock 35 Deity No No
A Second Shot 30 City Tradeskill Tasks No Infinite
Tattered Robes 36 Nektulos Forest No No