Tizmak Treasure Seeker  

CategoryGreat Divide
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bowl of Tizmak gems
Min Coin: 14g, 90s, 39c
Max Coin: 15g, 99s, 44c
Choice Of:
Cloak of the Traveler's Guard
Cloak of the Traveler's Watch
Cloak of the Traveler's Ward
Cloak of the Traveler's Respite

You must complete both of Bethra's quest, Recipe for Ice and Bethra's Crystal Desires, before you will be offered this one.

Speak to Zalyn D'Kilneld at -114, -336, -27 at the Daggerflow Camp within Great Divide to begin this quest.

IMPORTANT!!! At the end of this quest, you should read the dialogue choices VERY carefully. You will be given two choices: to continue following Zalyn, or to attempt to redeem yourself with the Tizmaks. You can only choose ONE of these paths, so choose wisely!

NOTE: At this point, if you have killed no unnecessary Tizmak, you should now be KOS to Tizmak Clan, so be careful!

  1. Retrieve 6 bowls of stolen gems from the western lower Tizmak Caves. By this point the Tizmak will most likely be aggressive to you, but none of them see through sneak/invis. Remember, the groups of 3 with an Augur and two warriors are Heroic and the warriors can punt you, so keep your back to a wall and don't get knocked into adds! Some gem bowl locations:
    • -285,-398,-69
    • -179,-408,-133
    • -226,-412,-25
    • -144,-402,-220
    • -173,-401,-231
    • -176,-401,-220
  2. Return to Zalyn D'Kilneld to complete the quest.

IMPORTANT!!! Do not blindly choose dialogues at this point. When multiple dialogue choices pop up, your choice will decide which path you will follow. You CANNOT do both paths!

  • Choosing "Now that I know how things stand, yes, I believe we can continue our association." will continue with you following Zalyn's evil schemes and will offer the quest Delightfully Evil.
  • Choosing "I'm not a servant of evil! To the Ether with you! If there's a chance at redemption I will choose it!" will allow you to attempt to redeem yourself with the Tizmak Clan and offer the quest The Tizmak's Advocate.

NOTE: Your choice here will also affect a small quest hub in the Eastern Wastes, the Pit of the Awakened. Those who choose to align themselves with Zalyn will be offered quests from the corrupt gem, Incael, while those who choose to redeem themselves with the Tizmaks will be offered quests from the cursed ratonga, Misha.

Tizmak Targets
Bethra's Crystal Desires
Great Divide
Quest Series
Daggerflow Camp
Delightfully Evil
The Tizmak's Advocate
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