Rescue Revyl Kylar  

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Min Coin: 16s
Max Coin: 18s

Lord Kylar wants me to engage in "vigorous negotiations" with the gnolls holding his son hostage.

  1. Find and rescue Revyl Kylar at -489,1,-182
    1. Kill all the gnolls surrounding him. (Important Note: There are 6, level 20 vvv gnolls to deal with, so you may need help)
    2. Hail Revyl Kylar and lead him back to his father. The quest is very picky on where it updates. Revyl stops in0front of his father near the other crate.
  2. Hail Lord Kylar

Lord Kylar's Problem Antonica
Quest Series
Gnoll Investigations series
Return to Magnon
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