Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Started ByGigglegibber Scavenger Hunt List
Band of Gigglegibbery

After you have finished Ratical right click Gigglegibber Hunt Master and chose the option buy from merchant.

You can than buy the quest Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt. You must find a lot of items within a timespan of two hours.

The items requested are

  • Horse Egg
  • Cow Gill
  • Chicken Hoof
  • Octopus Skull
  • Centipede Tongue
  • Dark Elf Tail
  • Pig Wing
  • Patch of Snail Fur
  • Cat Shell
  • Fish Hand

Here's the spoiler: Just sit around for 2 hours. Your Band of Gigglegibbery will be mailed to you.

Bristlebane Day
Occurs annually around April Fool's Day.
Special one-day events on April 1st!
(Introduced in 2009)

Ratical Bristlebane Day
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