Draco Mortuus vos Liberatio  

This is the quest for the Bone-Clasped Girdle. It is initiated by talking to Sinephobis In Tenebrous Tangle, on Fear Tainted Island -104, 265, 871 .


  • Command of the Thulian language is required to start or complete this quest.
  • Must be at least level 60.

He asks you to find and recover the strengthened draconic bones in the Bonemire. You must find the following bones, which spawn randomly in multiple locations. The 'pile of dragon bones' can be tab-targeted and tracked using the Gnomish Divining Rod. The locations include but are not limited to:

  • A large dragon skull: 946, -106, +72 or +866, -116, 270 or 868, -116, 221 or 883, -105, 335 or 922.49, -111.85, 176.30 or 948, -105, 167 on the Isle of the Ravasect
  • A large dragon-bone tail: 458, 199, -611 or 414, 198, -481 or 366, 199, -567 in Cacotoxic Stain
  • A set of dragon ribs: 276, -345, -17 or 241, -355, -32 on Halls of Fate Isle
  • A set of dragon limbs: 247, 65, 776 or 289, 63, 695 or 335, 56, 726 or 190, 70, 743 on the Drednever Crash Site
  • A set of dragon-bone wings: -637, -449, 412 or -728, -440, 393 or -776, -448, 379 or -729, -445, 361 or -614, -442, 394 on the Shattered Weir Isle

After this you must obtain four new items. They are all available from regular resource nodes, and are only rare-ish. You might check the broker.

Once you have all of these you should head to the forge in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, near the Halls of Rites -116, 65, -33 . It is a level 60 combine and you will need 1 scintillating incense.

After completing this you are sent to kill Do'Ellin the Young. He is a 67 ^^^ Heroic who spawns on Ravasect Isle in The Bonemire, near the bottom of the waterfall. He has an AE Knockback. After subduing him you use the Phylatercy on him and return to Sinephobis.

After this you should return and do the hand in. You will then be given six minutes to place three rods. One on Gazer Isle, one on Bixie Isle and one on Fear Tainted Isle.

After returning to Sinephobis he will spawn the Spirit of Do'Ellin, a dracoliche version of Do'Ellin. He is level 70 ^^^. Kill him for your Bone Clasp Girdle.

Note: If somebody else kills your spawn or resets your version, speak to Sinephobis again to restart the ritual. It may take up to 15 minutes for this to work.


Trivia Even though liberatio is not a correct form of the verb Liberare, the latin quest title can be translated as "Thou shall free the dead dragon".

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