Time for a Garden Party  

Command of the Druzaic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This is part of the Peacock Club series of quests. It is initaited by examining a Tattered Journal at +150.32, 0.29, +364.91 in the Silent City after you have completed the An Offering and Peace quest.

You must first kill Channel Cleansers to collect the following runes:

  • Rune of Adla
  • Rune of Herk
  • Rune of Kom

Once you have all three runes you can head to the Arbo'Un Monolith ( +502, +48, +386 ) and place them into it, as you have done in previous quests. This will spawn Arbo'Akh. Speak to him. NOTE: This requires you to have completed the Punja's Progression quest to be able to climb up the walls.

After this you must speak to Thalbinous (to spawn him you need to kill the 3 sets of non-aggro bushes) in the Silent City ( +424, +48, +538 ). He will send you to gather some pine cones. Get the first as an auto-update from Twisted Arbors in the Silent City. The rest you obtain by clicking on trees in the zone.

Known locations:

  • 589,-2,380
  • 488,49,547
  • 548,42,305
  • 486,49,385
  • 535,7,522
  • 475,7,525

After doing this return to Thalbinous for your reward. This opens up the Wrapping it All Up quest.

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