Coin Operation: The Sanctum of the Scaleborn  

Command of the Druzaic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest is initiated by examining the Disk of Bylze. You receive this item at the end of the Burglars Afoot quest. You are asked to go to the Sanctum of the Scaleborn and find a use for the coin.

In The Sanctum at 12, 157, -40 you will find The Yore Flame. Examine the flame and you find there is small slot to place the disk.

NOTE - You must have already finished the Words of Pure Magic language quest to speak Druzaic

The Shade of Bylze appears and asks you to find 20 hidden scrolls in the Mouth of the Scaleborn.
The scrolls are found by destroying idols. These are all in the same room as him around the edges up in the rafters. They are small white statues and you can Tab to find them. You can range attack or cast on them to destroy them and a scroll will appear on the floor beneath it.
These are all easy to find apart from number 14 that falls into a dish of dark liquid at 44.1, 158.07, -52.06 , after destroying the idol above it.

Now return to the Flame and summon the Shade and read the scrolls to him. You must then question him to get him to talk about the Claymore.

The Shade then asks you to prove you are not aligned with the scaleborn and get a number of armour pieces from the silent sentinels. These are auto-updates and I got one from each sentinel I killed.

When you have all seven of them you can return to the Shade for your reward.

Reward choices:

After completing this quest you can examine the Apparition Chest to initiate the Vanishing Rewards quest. The Apparition Chest spawns and depops and reappears in the first few rooms of the zone.

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