Into the Fold  

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salty tear
Min Coin: 54s
Max Coin: 60s
Humble Altar of Innoruuk
Choice Of:
Innoruuk's Murky Sigil
Innoruuk's Metal Signet
Faction Changes:

This is the first of 5 quests to serve the deity Innoruuk.

Starter: Xilania Nevagon near the Spire in Greater Faydark. ( -496.00, 46.00, 271.00 )

  • Hail Xilania
  • Go to Antonica and speak to Velric Torch. Fly from the TS griffon to the Oracle station and jump off at the aqueduct. Velric is under it near the creek at -1497, -12, -365 .
  • He tells you of Perinius Abatro, one time follower of Innoruuk, who betrayed Freeport to follow his love, Vilma Abatro. Velric thinks we can get him back. He wants to intercept an invitation from Vilma Abatro to Perinius to a picnic. Go to the Keep of the Ardent Needle and hail her. She's outside by the moat.
  • Go back to Velric. He takes the note and uses it to forge a note from Vilma Abatro to Henry Maxwell Denalis (who has a crush on Vilma). One is for Henry and one is for Perinius, but he wants to lace Perinius' with an anger potion.
  • Collect 5 Salty Tears from the banks of Boulder creek for the potion. (looks like tulip flowers). You may have to travel the entire length of the river to get them all. Bring them back to Velric.
  • Deliver the letter to Henry
  • Deliver the letter to Perinius.
  • Go back to Velric.
  • Read Log from your inventory.
  • Speak to Velric again.
  • Witness the picnic by the lake. Make sure you speak with Perinius.
  • Return to Velric.
Quest Series
Rage Unleashed
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