Love Potion Number One  

This is a Guide Quest. On Live servers it can only be received from a Guide. On Test there are no guides so NPCs exist there to give out the quests. Information regarding Starting Zone and Mob are from Test.

On the Live servers you must talk to a Volunteer Guide to start this quest. On the Test, Freeport or Live Exchange servers talk to Brosha the Brokenhearted on the north shore of Dog Trapper Pond in The Commonlands, at 51, -43, -837 . This quest is only offered around Erollisi Day.

Her love, Luc, does not even seem to know she exists, but she has a plan... a recipe for a love potion that she bought off a travelling merchant. She asks you to get the ingredients, make the potion and somehow slip it into Luc's food or drink.

  1. Travel to Antonica, to the north shore near the Ruins of Caltorsis, and pick a flower of true love's hope.
  2. Travel to the Graveyard and grab a rose ( -25.49, -9.27, 63.40 ) .
  3. Collect some magical fairy dust. Doesn't matter what type of fairy you kill.
  4. Go to Darklight Wood and find the fortune teller at the Wanderlust Fair to brew the potion.
  5. Take the potion to The Enchanted Lands and visit the pub on the docks. Luc often goes there.
  6. Slip the potion in his drink and you're done.


Erollisi Day occurs annually around Valentine's Day (Feb. 14th).
This article refers to things only available in-game during the event.

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