The Blood Countess Rises  

Grants AA
Started ByA Frost-Covered Amulet
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This quest begins by examining an unresponsive barbarian (search the body on the ground) in the Jagged Plains area of Everfrost at 118, 21, -614 . When you search the body you will receive a Frost-Covered Amulet. (Once you have the amulet he will despawn. Re-spawn is about 5 min.) 0You examine the Amulet to initialize the quest.

  1. Speak to Haijakt in Everfrost. He is near the evac point ( 216.05, -19.42, 52.64 ) }
  2. Investigate the Forbidden Sepulcher. All members of the group must have the access quest to do this. The entrance is at 137, 22, -659 in Everfrost.
  3. Once inside you must work your way through the monsters to reach Countess Satrinah. She is spawned by killing the Disciple of Satrinah and her guards. You will automatically loot her head.
  4. Return to Haijakt and give him the head (happens automatically) for your choice of rewards.

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