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Ivy-shroud of Tunare
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Command of the Draconic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This is the final quest in the Tunare deity line.

After completing the quest The Priestess of Lesser Faydark you can pick up this quest from Kurista in Kelethin.

Head to Lesser Faydark and go to the Loa`Sur river and follow it to its source (very close to the main entrance to the Emerald Halls). Jump in the river near the end of this journey, and you will find a clickable rock at 177, 0, -603 . Click this rock, move the boulder, and zone into a solo instance called Emerald Halls: Guardian of Growth.

Inside the instance, move up the river and find Kaarla Teofaunta at -57, -8, 15 . Speak to her, and agree to help her.

Climb up the root next to Kaarla and then head north-east along the river, to a hole in the ground at loc -417, 7, -111 . You may pass or see the dragon Wuoshi on the way, but ignore him for now. Climb down the hole (it is a climbable wall). Take care as there are aggro level 70 bears at the bottom.

There is a damaged Fae acorn at -446, -13, -147 . Avoiding the bears, harvest this acorn, which becomes a damaged hollow acorn in your inventory. Examine the acorn for a quest update. Then climb back up the wall, and return to Kaarla and speak to her again.

Kaarla now sends you to speak with the dragon Wuoshi, the Guardian of Growth. In order to speak to him you MUST be able to speak the Draconic language. Woushi roams the instance, but due to his huge size, you can't really miss him! You have to stand right under Woushi to be able to see his response chat. Speak wih him.
When he is done with you, he will give you some Tunarian Wolfsbane and will teleport you (whether you like it or not) back into Lesser Faydark, at the zoneline to Greater Faydark. (It is suggested that you keep the Tunarian Wolfsbane as it's needed to spawn Mayong Mistmoore.)

Now return to Kurista in Kelethin. She will reward you with +10000 Faction with Tunare and with the Ivy-shroud of Tunare, the Tunarian Deity quest cloak.

Congratulations! As a result of completing this sequence of five quests, you should now have a total of 26250 faction (favour) with Tunare, an altar for your room, your deity pet and cloak.

The Priestess of Lesser Faydark Tunare
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