Catching a Thief  

This quest is for the Mythical version of the Assassin-only Epic Weapon, Fang of Ichor.

  1. Kill Opal Darkbriar (85x2) in Darklight Wood. She travels from the Nektulos Forest zoneline to the Neriak, City of Hate zoneline. She is non-aggro, and will only be attackable after an Assassin who needs the update hails her.
  2. Return to Controller Kenjedeau.
  3. Tairiza the Widow Mistress in The Tomb of Thuuga.
  4. Return to Controller Kenjedeau.
  5. Kill The Leviathan in the The Chamber of Destiny.
  6. Return to Controller Kenjedeau.
  7. Kill Druushk in Veeshan's Peak.
  8. Return to Controller Kenjedeau and receive your reward.

Seek out Controller Kenjedeau Assassin Epic Weapon
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