Her People  

Level100 (Scales)
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Speak to Ambassador Duryo Valstath at 556, -10, 168 inside The Coldwind Crier in South Qeynos, Qeynos Capitol District to begin this quest.

  1. You must speak with a series of people around Qeynos.
    • Qeynos Capitol District, South Qeynos: Speak to Gracen Docks at 722, -19, 157
    • Qeynos Capitol District, North Qeynos: Speak to Lady Rickson at 313, -21, 2
    • Qeynos Province District, Qeynos Harbor: Speak to Randal Gromoe at 974, -25, 93
    • Qeynos Province District, Elddar Grove: Speak to Palla Jhal at 671, -21, -298
  2. Return to Ambassador Duryo Valstath.

Her Gates Qeynos Betrayal and Citizenship
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