In Search of a Menagerie  

Grants AA
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 5g, 12s, 10c
Max Coin: 6g, 13s, 11c
ebon cluster

This quest grants access to Miragul's Menagerie. It is initiated by examining a Pile of Bones near the docks at -44, -18, 145 .

  1. The first thing you need to do is to search for the Yeoman's Remains in Everfrost. They can be found at the bottom of the ocean floor in the cavern were Undertow spawns at -374, -28, 54 .
    • Searching them will grant you a key.
    • The key opens a chest, which is on the ocean floor in the same room at -402, -35, 41 .
    • This will result in a Scroll Case.
  2. Open the Scroll Case by examining it. This will update the quest. You will now need to do tasks for four spirits in Everfrost to receive their blessings:
    • Find the spirit at the Root of Tunarbos ( -721, 0, -305 ) . It will ask you to kill 8 hunters located on same area.
    • Find the spirit at the Plains of Frozen Flames ( -674, -38, -825 ) . This spirit will ask you to kill 4 tundra terrors.
    • Find The Spirit of Arctic Doom ( -40, -2, -1181 ) This spirit will ask you to kill 4 Kromise giants in Everfrost.
    • Find the Spirit in Eci's Cove ( 366, -38, -1398 ) . It will ask you to search for 4 fish traps.
    • Known Traps Locs:
      • 1st: 43, -51, -1424
      • 2nd: 238, -66, -1641
      • 3rd: 482, -79, -1575
      • 4th: 431, -54, -1283
  3. After completing all four tasks you need to walk to menagerie door and click the velium plate at -92, -23, -285 and the quest is finished.

NOTE: Make sure you don't have any of the spirits repeatable quests in your log or it will not complete.


Quest Series
The Spirit of the Frigid Pine
The Spirit of Arctic Doom
The Spirit of Polar Lights
The Spirit of Wintry Mist
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