Seaside Stew  

CategoryOutpost of the Overlord
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 55c
Max Coin: 63c
Freeportian Cloth Cuffs
Freeportian Plated Bracers
Freeportian Leather Sleeves
Freeportian Studded Wristguards

This quest is given by Tayil N'Velex. She sends you to speak with Chef Gorga outside of the gates (+63, -4, +187), who has a couple of tasks for you.

She first asks you to slay 3 bees, which are just outside of the gate. After this return to Chef Gorga.

She will then send you out to slay 4 elks for their livers. These are also found just outside the gate. After slaying them speak to Gorga and then return to Tayil N'Velex for your reward.

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Outpost of the Overlord
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