The Fallen Swords: From the Edge  

I have received a summons from the Duality, and it seems that part of Drunder has finally made its way into our world. If we are to defeat the God of War, we must free and rally the children of Zek - Vallon, Tallon, and Sullon. I must meet with Erus Dal'viv in the Eastern Wastes, who should be at the entrance to Drunder.

  1. Speak with Erus Dal'viv at 17, 0, 2 in The Fortress of Drunder.
  2. Meet with Vilbrog Wrathwind at -59, 0, 41 within the entrance to Drunder to begin assisting the Sullonites.
    • Defeat the Sullonites within the Spire of Rage.
    • Speak with Dalrinai Heartrage at -3, 102, 99 in the Spire of Rage.
    • Defeat the Daiku Warleader, Grolla Skullwielder. ( 0, 364, -60 )
    • Return to Dalrinai Heartrage in the Spire of Rage.
  3. Speak with Ellrien Silverblade at 17, 0, 93 in the Strategist's Stronghold.
    • Defeat the Avazeks and collect their feathers.
    • Defeat Warmaster Korok Hai. ( 0, 366, 42 )
    • Speak with Ellrien Silverblade
  4. Enter the Tower of Tactics and defeat Arch-Bishop Rektor and Deynka Packlasher.
    • Defeat Arch-Bishop Rektor. ( 1, 50, 17 )
    • Defeat the Daiku Wolf Mistress, Warmaster Deynka Packlasher. ( 12, 359, -4 )
  5. Speak with Erus Dal'viv in Fortress of Drunder.
  6. Return to the Duality in Thurgadin.

The children of Zek have been freed, and will no longer be there for Rallos Zek to absorb when he crosses into our world. However, until the God of War begins his shift into our world, we still cannot face him and put an end to his destructive plans. For now, we must wait for Rallos Zek to make his next move.

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