Considering Kelethin  

Level20 (Scales)
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Faction Changes:

Command of the Faerlie language is required to start or complete this quest.

  1. First, you will need to be able to speak Faerlie. Head to 243.51, 109.59, 361.03 and speak with Miella Maarsitotts.
  2. Complete her sub-quest, Learning Faerlie.
  3. Now you can speak the language, go and talk with Nimess Sessi at 420.04, 136.58, 243.30 . This will complete the quest.

Go speak to Ambassador Gibrien Marsden at 595,45,78 , who will give you your final citizenship quest.

Note: If you are an Exile headed to Kelethin, you will need to raise your faction to amiable (+10,000) with the city first.

Moving to Kelethin Kelethin Betrayal and Citizenship
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Kelethin: Citizenship
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