Learning the Way  

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This quest is given by Master Kiri in the Ashen Order camp after you finished Kufu's Intentions and have max ally with The Ashen Order.

  1. Kill 15 ashen disciples.
  2. Take some Elite learning of the monks.
    1. Head to the instance "The Ashen Elite Training Camp" , which is entered from the same door as The Cave of Knowledge, there will be 5-6 soloable level 60 agro ashen disciples, but you can invis through.
    2. You have to perform some simple tasks with 3 NPCs in the zone. They are right next to each other:
      • Jun Shan - kick the dummy next to him till update
      • Lee Chen
      • Tao Rae - take his hit repeatedly till update
  3. Return to Master Kiri.

The reward is a suffix title: The Jade Tiger.

A Split in the Ashen Order Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
Faction: The Ashen Order
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