The Trainee's Test  

This quest is initiated by reading the book "The Trainee's Test." This book can be purchased from Sage Nevarius Orvalis in North Freeport or Sage Indis in South Qeynos. It consists of 9 kill tasks. After each kill task you must examine the book again for the next step. The kill tasks are as follows:

  1. 6 Drudge Mucus
  2. 7 Drudge Mucus
  3. 7 Murkwater Vigilants
  4. 6 Murkwater Vigilants
  5. 7 Rotting Globules
  6. 8 Murkwater Henchmen
  7. 5 Murkwater Henchmen
  8. 8 Murkwater Onlookers
  9. 8 Murkwater Vigilants

This quest needs verification, the info is really old

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