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a school of nuknok fish
a school of nuknok fish
  1. Catch 6 nuknok fish from the fresh stream in the Nuknok cave (Boarfiend Tunnel). The stream is located near a large waterfall in the tunnel that the balloon route takes (the "other" cave, entrance at 1082, 432, 555 ).
    • *NO* fishing skill is required for this quest.
  2. There are 6 groups of fish to catch and your cursor will change to a hand when you hover over them. You will get the option to Cast for Nuknok fish when you right-click them. The first group of fish can be found at 886, 343, 326 . They're easier to see while underwater.

This quest is a lot easier if you do it while you have the Boarfiend Costume, which comes from Nesbit's quest chain. An Unwelcome Task is the end of that part and the costume goes away when you hand it in.

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