A Daring Confrontation  

CategoryCity Tasks
Level70 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
City Token

Raid Information
Guild Level10
Mentor to10
Sizex2 (Min: x2)
Raid ZoneThe Eternal Gorge: A Daring Confrontation
ExpansionThe Shattered Lands
QuestA Daring Confrontation
Starting ZoneQeynos Harbor or East Freeport
Required by all?unknown
Success3 days 20 hours
Failure8 hours

This is the second Guild City Task Raid in a series of 6 raids designed to teach basic raiding skills. This quest becomes available at guild level 10.



  • 1 - Main Tank: Your job is to be tanking the Sisters and finally Mother Znedari
  • 10- Everyone else: Assisting the MT.
  • 1 - OT Off tank - Possibly, I am not sure this wold be needed here.


  • 5 groups of mobs here, each group has a sister named in it,The last group has Mother Znedari.
  • Each sister and Mother Znedari use mem wipe. the sisters announce their mem wipe as follows: sister so and so is searching for a new victim
  • Mother Znedari however does not warn you of the coming mem wipe.

Walk Through:
  • Upon entering, you will be in the tower. down below are 2 roamers outside and 2 stationary guards (be prepared when exiting this tower). Once outside the tower it is my preference to kill the smaller groups of sisters first. the ones in the left buildings and then, the ones on the right side buildings, Leaving mother and the mobs around her for last.
  • Pull all the possible adds outside of mothers area and kill them first.
  • Once done with them, you can proceed to Mother Znedari.
  • Mother Znedari tends to mem wipe fast and without warning, so using Rescue will probably not be to affective here. I would say keep the tank alive, and spam group heals. Possibly have an off tank killing the adds.

Allakhazam credits this post by Raidi Sovin'faile at the SOE Official Forums for the map.
ZAM would like to thank Rayn's EQ2 Raids for some of the information in this article.

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