A Couple Ringlets Missing  

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Required Mobs:
Choice Of:
minecap safety gloves
Oremana mantles
Thunderguard waistguard

Command of the Serilian language is required to start or complete this quest.

That ringlet you got in the last quest is curious. Search for hints on the whereabouts of the final two ringlets.

  1. Examine the Boombottom Strongbox on the 2nd floor of the eastern tower. ( -21,44,-128 ) This will give you the quest.
  2. Examine the poster at ( -25, 28, -127 ) (requires knowledge of the Serilian language)
    • Lure out Captain Bangboom by completing a ring event in the East Tower.
    • Lure out Captain Powboom by completing a ring event in the West Tower.
      • Complete the ring events by wiping out all three floors. After this, more goblins will spawn on the 1st and 2nd floors. Once this wave is defeated, the Captain of that tower should spawn up on either the 2nd or top floor.
  3. Return to the Boombottom Strongbox and insert the two rings. This will complete the quest.

Planting and Plundering Kaladim
Quest Series
The Irontoe Brigade
The Kragbak Strongbox
The Terrok Strongbox
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