Shattering the Crystals  

Grants AA
CategoryNektulos Forest
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 1g, 21s
Max Coin: 1g, 35s
Choice Of:
Salve of Marr
Potion of Marr

This is the fifth Hand of Marr (good) quest in Nektulos Forest for the Bloodline Chronicles expansion. It is given by Arthial the Protector at the Timber Falls camp if you have completed the previous four (see related quests). The quest wants you to destroy four crystals that aids vampires in their battle. This will also allows you to advance the hallmark quest The D'Morte Family Crest where you need to find a way into the higher caves.

You will have to enter The Tombs of Night, and walk through it to the door you saw Dryxl T'Rath's spirit hover through in the prior quest. Zone in, and you are in a new zone called The Crypt of T'haen - welcome to agro-land!

EDITOR'S NOTE: You can invis through all four crystals if you are careful.

Locate the four crystals, right click and destroy:

  1. -61.78, -0.50, -46.07
  2. 49.75, 16.18, -71.48
  3. -28.97, 24.08, -23.93
  4. -93.09, 24.49, -29.79
After that you need to return to Arthial the Protector in Nektulos Forest to open up the "A Vicious Twist" quest.

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A Vicious Twist
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