The Shadow Odyssey, Prologue: A Missive from the Queen  

Grants SP
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 22g, 11s, 70c
Max Coin: 25g, 12s, 77c

Speak to Rosalina Goodfallow in Qeynos Harbor on the docks.

I have been called to talk to Antonia Bayle. I should travel to North Qeynos and enter Qeynos Castle.

  1. In North Qeynos, enter the castle at the front door. You'll be in Antonia Bayle's Chambers. Here, in luxurious settings, Antonia has gathered trusted advisers
  2. Speak to Her Majesty, Antonia Bayle.
  3. Accept her mission to complete this quest and get the next quest in the series.

Moors of Ykesha
Quest Series
The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 1: Come Sail Away
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