The Crossing of the Fanged Sea  

Grants AA
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Tinmizers Astounding Frost Disruptor (part B)
Tinmizers Astounding Frost Disruptor (part A)
Min Coin: 96s, 67c
Max Coin: 1g, 7s, 97c

This quest is given by Rath'Adran in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. He is found in a tower at the docks. It is the old access quest for Everfrost. Rath'Adran will not give you this quest unless you are level 32 or higher.

The first thing you will need to do is speak to Biddy Bobick in the Enchanted Lands. You can find Biddy at 49.88, 1.83, 35.84 in a building at the docks. Biddy will assign you the Of Sea, Sails and Slumber quest. You must complete this sub-quest before you can progress any further in the Crossing of the Fanged Sea quest.

Once you have completed the Of Sea, Sails and Slumber quest, you should return to Zek to speak to Rath'Adran in the tower. He tells you that you must collect Part A and Part B to Tinmizer's Astounding Frost Disruptor.

The Part A and Part B to Tinmizer's Astounding Frost Disruptor are two separate items. One of these is located at the Tagglefoot Farms in Enchanted Lands, inside of the barn at -777, -1, -653 . The other at an orc encampment, inside of a tent in Zek at -198, -27, -94 . This is the same area that Vatook Masher spawns, so be prepared to fight him if he spawns.

The respawn time of the disruptors is about 1 minute, and each person in a group will have to pick theirs up separately.

After doing this you must return and speak to Rath'Adran in Zek, the Orcish Wastes. After you get your update, head to the World Bell on the Zek docks and choose the travel map option to go to The Fanged Sea. This is an instanced zone that takes place on a ship, much as previous access quests have.

Once you get on the boat you should take positions near Rath'Adran. Have one person in the group speak to him to initiate the event.

During the entire ship ride you need to keep cranking the two machines on either side of the ship (the bow and the stern). These must be cranked at least once every 45 seconds throughout the event. If these are not cranked in time then they will need wiped off and restarted, which makes extra skeleton adds pop. Running back and forth cranking the two is the best way to do this.

You will face several waves of monsters, starting at level 38 and ending in level 40. The waves are relatively easy. After clearing them the real challenge presents itself though, as Rath'Adran takes form as a dragon. He is a level 42 ^^ mob with an area effect breath attack. Rath'Adran will fly away at 20%.

Once he has been defeated you can click the wheel of the ship to teleport into Everfrost and finish the quest. Congratulations!

You can now speak to Scholar Milnik in the Thundering Steppes for item rewards, now that the the access quest no longer needs to be completed.

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