The Haunting  

This quest can no longer be started in game.
CategoryHaunted House
Level60 (Scales)
Started ByTicket to the Haunted Mansion
Related Zone:
"Scare" Crow

This quest can be repeated once every 18 hours.

Begin this quest by speaking to a Gigglegibber Scalper in West Freeport (in The Freeport Reserve) or in North Qeynos (at The Ironforge Estate) and then click on the door to enter The Haunted House.


Release the Butler's spirit.

"Aligning" the pictures

  1. Inspect the dusty note on the desk at -8, 0, 0.18 . It informs you of the three tasks that the butler was supposed to finish.
    • Sweep the Entryway floor - These are piles of dirt on the floor. There are 5 piles of dirt in total.
    • Dust the Entryway furniture - This is just about every piece of furniture in the entrance room, which are the chair, desk, bookshelves, canoe, vases, statues and chest.
    • Realigned the Entryway paintings - These are the paintings on the ground and the one on the wall. You don't actually have to make them straightened out (but can if you'd like!), simply placing them on the wall (and moving the one that's already on the wall to a different spot) anywhere will suffice. There are four paintings, one of which is laying face-down near the entrance door.

Once you complete those three tasks the Butler will leave and the planks blocking the entryway from the dining room can now be broken. ( 6, 0, -1 )

Dining Room

Complete the Lord's to do list to release his spirit.

After breaking the planks, pass through the archway and take a right into the dining room. The Lord will be in the back, and on the table nearby is his to do list. Read it. ( -10, 0, -10 ) In the course of doing the Lord's tasks, you will also release the Lady's and childrens' spirits.


If you are also working on the quest Nights of the Dead Devotee, look around well before departing the basement for good!

  1. Learn to dance. Head down into the basement and click on Lady Halcovian. Do NOT choose to begin immediately or you risk a high chance of failure if you are unprepared!
  2. You will be given 4 abilities: Spin, Sway, Down and Back. We recommend putting these on a hotbar of their own and memorizing which dance move is which before beginning.
  3. Face the four ghoulish dancers when you are ready to begin. Click on the Lady again and tell her that you are ready.
  4. The ghoulish dancers will go through a routine of 50 moves using the 4 new abilities you received. You must copy each dancer's move exactly. You will not have very long to respond to each before the next occurs, and the pace picks up during the routine.
  5. If you receive too many fails you will be unable to complete this step. Many times this completely bugs out the entire Haunted House, requiring you to leave, delete the quest and restart it. (it has been reported that if you fail and wait for the music to stop completely the dance should correctly reset itself) The goal is to pay close attention so you pass! Ignore what the lady is saying and the nearby halfling ghosts who copy your moves to minimize distractions.

Once you pass the dance routine, the Lady's spirit will be released.

  1. Just beyond where the lady was standing is a bowl of rotten food and a note. Reading the note will explain that the children are nearby. Click on the bowl of food ( -4, -5, -10 ) and a wisp will appear leading further up into the house.
  2. The wisp will lead to the second level of the home where there is a hidden door. Open it and you will find a large rat, which scales to your level.
    • The large rat will drop a Rat Plushie (added in 2011).
  3. The rat is standing on a skeleton inside the hidden cubby. Examine it to receive a message stating that you found a key to the room in the cellar. You don't have to kill the rat to get the update, but you can't get close enough to update without agroing the rat.
  4. Return to the basement and open the door past the rotten food. As you approach each of the two children their spirits will be released.
  5. Pick up the coin on the edge of the desk that Yilin Halcovian was standing next to. ( 9, -5, -11 )

Dining Room

  1. Return to the dining room and approach the bench with cups on it.
  2. Click on the large upright wooden mug to tip the bartender. ( 5, 0, -10 )
    • You can click on a skull at 3, 0.94, -11 on the bartender's table to get a skeleton mask!

The Lord's spirit will now be released. Now to find out what cursed this house.


Find out what is truly haunting this house and release it from its curse.

The Warding Stone
The Warding Stone
  1. Head back upstairs, hang a right and you will see a large spiderweb. ( 4, 6, -5 )
  2. Click the green candle on the ledge next to the web to burn the web. It will catch fire and you will be able to walk through it.
  3. Optional: Before continuing to the attic, there is an aggressive large black spider that you can kill on this landing, just past the web.
  4. Head upstairs into the attic. You will see a heavy fog with several gravestones in the center of it. Walk past this to the other side of the room where there is a single window in the wall.
  5. A warding stone with an open book on the ground next to it is right in front of the attic graveyard. ( 9, 13, 1 ) Once you read the book you will be confronted with an undead uprising!
  6. The warding stone next to the book can now be interacted with. ( 9, 12, 0.18 ) Left-click it over and over until a shocking surprise jumps up at you. Don't try to kill the zombies, use the warding stone to do so. Note: If you're prone to jumping up the walls, we recommend turning down your volume and looking away for a minute once you know your cursor is in place to click the warding stone.

The curse is now lifted and you will automatically be zoned out of the Haunted House. Speak to the Gigglegibber Scalper again for your reward.


The choice of one of the following:

Bonus Rewards

Nights of the Dead

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