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Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c
A Sack of Chocolate Gold Coins
Faction Changes:

This is the third quest in the Bristlebane deity quest line.

  1. Get A Sack of Chocolate Gold Coins from Tobel Patadash.
  2. Enter The Gigglegibber Hideout through manhole cover at 40.47, -29.13, 114.87 under water below the Bobick Village Docks in The Enchanted Lands.
  3. Find the vaults in the room to the left of entrance.
    • Note: Supposedly, invis or stealth will work on some, but not all the Gigglegibbers. If they catch you, they will kick you out of the their hideout. It's reported that the goblins along the right wall of the safe room do not see invis.
  4. Go back toward the entrance and then the other direction (will need to wait for roamers), and harvest the note in the back room. It seems to have multiple spawn locations, including on the table to the left of the entrance, as well as on the second story of the structure towards the back of the room.
  5. Read the note in your inventory.
  6. Go back to the vault room and unlock the third of the vaults.
    • Note: You will lose invis.
  7. Take a sack of gold coins from the unlocked vault and replace it with the sack of chocolate gold coins.
    • Note: You will lose invis again.
  8. Return the sack of gold coins to Tobel Patadash.
  9. Speak with Garby Gingham Gigglegibber.
  10. Return to Tobel Patadash for your reward.

This opens up the next quest in the series - Pie Pilfering.

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