The D'Morte Family Crest  

This quest is initiated by examining the Crest of D'Morte that you receive for completing the D'Morte Burial Chambers quest. This requires you to have purchased the Bloodline Chronicles or have purchased at least the Rise of Kunark expansion.

The first thing that you must do is visit the Timber Falls in Nektulos at 500.94, 27.56, -1539 .

After this you must return to the Burial Chamber at 678, 1.7, -617 in Nektulos. This time when you enter it will zone you into the "D'Morte Burial Chambers: Acquisition". The zone layout is the same, but the monsters are now different. They all range form level 32-35.

Once inside you must kill Izinar Malkevantrii and his two assistant conjurers. These are found near -8.64, -3.12, 71.23 . There is also another named mob behind a destroyable wall, but he appears to be purely optional.

You will receive a new Crest of D'Morte, and your old one will be destroyed.

You are then instructed to find a way into the caves behind Soul Eater Falls. You need to speak to the respective NPC outside of Timber Falls for your choice of good or evil (Thraixe Il'ferrai for evil, Trelech Stonehome for good) to get The Tombs of Night: A Search for Answers instance.

When you enter The Tombs of Night the quest will advance. Now things begin to get a little more complicated. You must help your appropriate faction until they give you quests that will allow you to access The Crypt of T'Haen: Endless Twilight, starting with the quest Missing Scouts. Once inside, this will advance your quest. The zone itself is within The Tombs of Night.

After entering the zone you will be asked to kill the Vampire King, T'Rath the Usurper. To do this you must first destroy the magnificent coffin at 95, 56, -64 .

An eerie feeling washes over the surface of the crest, and you get the feeling that there may be more to it...

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