Hatching the Egg  

Grants AA
CategoryScornfeather Roost
Started ByA Mysterious Unhatched Egg
Related Zone:

Command of the Screechsong language is required to start or complete this quest.

  1. Kill Itbinaya the Scorned in Scornfeather Roost. She becomes aggro once you kill all the other named in the zone. In her chest she drops A Mysterious Unhatched Egg.
  2. Travel to the Pillars of Flame. Seek out Scarei the Scornfeather at 464, -208, -1504 and talk with her. You receive Stonegaze as a reward. It's an arena champion pet that can also be placed in your house.
    • Note: if you are KOS to Ashen Monks make sure you have invisibility up and go behind her to hail.

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