Of Fire and Ice: A Codex in Crisis  

This quest is part 2 of 7 for the Fabled version of the Wizard-only Epic Weapon, Dragon's Marrow.

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

You ask Cerennhir Aelindel to tell you more about Arendahr and Isilwen, but first he wants you to do something for him. He wants you to recover an ancient codex that was lost in Firiona Vie many years ago. Rumors have reached him that the Di'Zok Sarnaks have found it and mean to use it's power for evil magic. He gave me a Runed Codex Coffer to use when I find it.

Players who delete the pages of the codex prior to completing the third stage of the quest can obtain the pages again.

  1. Find the Codex Bragallich Tel'llach.
    1. Find 4 codex parts in The Chardok Palace and The Library of Divination in Chardok. This is beyond the Red gate. They are: Bragallich Tel'llach - Parma, Bragallich Tel'llach - Aicanaro, Bragallich Tel'llach - Anto, and Bragallich Tel'llach - Curuvar
      • Kill Gorowyn sarnaks for these uncommon body drops from these mobs only. You can get them out of order, you will get drops from time to time of parts you already have, and more than one can drop on the same mob.
      • You must loot Bragallich Tel'llach - Parma first, then the other three. If you get any of the other three before Parma, you will have to decline or delete them as you only get updates from the act of looting them.
  2. Use the Runed Codex Coffer to put the codex in the container and receive Sealed Codex Coffer.
  3. Return the Sealed Codex Coffer to Cerennhir Aelindel

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