Vale of the Shattering: Investigating the Trail  

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Min Coin: 4s, 32c
Max Coin: 4s, 47c

Speak to Rask Helstot in The Elddar Grove. ( 788, 0, -420 )

  1. You must first find the The Shattered Vale in Antonica. ( -2259, -14, -43 ) After doing this return to Rask.
  2. You then must speak to Dworn Soulforge in a tent near the Thundering Steppes Griffon Station. ( -1928, -14, 751 )

This will open up the Dispersing the Unkempt quest.

Vale of the Shattering: Proof of Worth Hallmark Quests
Quest Series
The Shattered Vale
Vale of the Shattering: Dispersing the Unkempt
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