Drukin Tellfizz, Stuck Gnome  

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Drukin's Grappler
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Min Coin: 4g, 80s, 10c
Max Coin: 4g, 95s, 30c
Drukin's Grappler

Game Update #55
February 16,2010
The quest is given by Drukin Tellfizz at -765.41, -471.79, 171.47 in The Bonemire (The Shattered Weir isle). He is on a ledge that you must drop down to.

He tells you that he was knocked off the edge and needs help getting back up.

He gives you a bow and a hooked line and helps you to target an overhanging bone (if you lose your target, re-hail him to get it again). Equip the supplied bow and ammo and target the bone. Use the Ranged Attack hotkey to hit the bone. When you're successful you'll automagically end up on top.

Speak to Drukin once back up top to complete the quest and open up the next quest "Drukin Tellfizz, More Than Just a Stuck Gnome".

A Druken Archeologist The Bonemire
Quest Series
Drukin Tellfizz, More Than Just a Stuck Gnome
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