A Savage Lesson  

This is the fourth quest in the Rallos Zek deity line. Also, while it is marked as heroic, it's pretty easy if you're a high level.

  1. Tychus Zeksworn sends you into Kaladim in Butcherblock Mountains. ( -169,165,-550 ).
  2. Collect 3 flawless bugbear pelts. Just kill the heroic ones inside the front gates. This seems to be an uncommon drop.
  3. Collect 3 flawless kobold pelts. Again, just slaughter the solo ones near the entrance.
  4. Yes, it's really this easy. Return to Tychus Zeksworn and you're done.

Flesh and Steel Rallos Zek
Quest Series
In Service of Rallos Zek
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