Brell's Everlasting Brew  

Repeatable once per year.

Timesaver! This quest has steps, hunting areas, or mob targets in common with the following quest(s).

Pure Water
Pure Water
Prew's Hops
Prew's Hops
Betsy, a Mighty Fine Heifer
Betsy, a Mighty Fine Heifer

The quest is started by visiting Rasel Alechaser in The Bar of Brell.

Rasel will ask you to help him prove that his ancester Barnaby's famous brew exists. To do this he first asks you to obtain some Barly, Hops, and Pure water from a number of locations around Norrath.

You are told to obtain the Barley from Jimmy Runner upstairs in a private lounge. Jimmy is a mean drunk, but he is also easily tricked when inebriated, so the idea is to get him drunk, but not too drunk. You have to talk to Dwayne Rockbeard the bartender, to serve Jimmy drinks. When he glows green you can ask him about the barley.

IMPORTANT!!! In 2013 the method to deal with Jimmy changed to be randomized each time you accept this quest. Here is the new method we suggest using, courtesy of Lodrelhai on the official forums.

  1. Coffee.
  2. Dwarven Ales until he gets "surly". This is usually denoted by an aggressive message such as "I ain't giving ya mah barley... Get outta 'ere before I shend ya packin'!!"
    • Count how many dwarven ales this takes, it may be different each time and is important!
    • It is possible to get Jimmy to the final "glow" state just by giving him Dwarven Ales in this part, but not as likely.
  3. Coffee.
  4. Dwarven Ales, serving one less than the previous time.
  5. Gnomish Spirits until he glows.

If you feed Jimmy too many drinks then he will attack you. Wait a minute or so, then you should be able to give him a coffee and start over.

The pure water looks like a fountain spray of blue shiny particles. It can be found in any body of water in each of the following zones:

Whilst in the Thundering Steppes you should visit Thundermist Village where you will find Prew Drowers ( 548, .25, -69 ) standing by a sack of Hops. While he is standing near the hops, you won't be able to get it, so you have to get him to walk away. First try and take the hops then you can find Betsy in the barn at 594, -1, -60 , right click, and tip her. Run back to steal the hops while Prew is attending to Betsy.

Once you have all of the ingredients, you should return to Rasel Alechaser in Bar of Brell. When you Hail Rasel, the quest will update and he will give you a Prayer to Brell (A No-Zone item) and tell you to use to to go to The Sanctorium of Brell to get the Stein of Brell.

Choose wisely!
Choose wisely!

Examine and read the Prayer.

Once in The Sanctorium of Brell you will find the Keeper of the Stein standing in front of a table with 6 steins (A Fancy Stein, An Iron Stein, A Simple Chalice, A Simple Stein, A Wooden Stein, An Ornate Stein).

The Keeper will ask you to pick one. You should pick the Wooden Stein. The quest will update and you will be returned back to Bar of Brell.

Hail Rasel for the final quest update and to obtain your quest reward.

Note: The "Drunk" effect goes away when you leave the bar, or if you are bored you can wait in the bar for 12 hours for it to go away.


One of the following:

Also called "Brell's Day", occurs annually in March.

(Introduced in 2006)

OOC The Sanctorium of Brell is reminiscent of the climatic scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

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