For The Glory of Rallos!  

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Humble Altar of Rallos Zek
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Game Update #55
February 16,2010
Tychus Zeksworn has been relocated to the Highlands with GU55

This is the starting quest for deity line "Rallos Zek". First, you need to find and speak with Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains.

  1. Tychus Zeksworn will then send you to Greater Faydark. There, you must find and speak with Gargnarg. He's near Crushbone Keep at -1170, 115, 124 .
  2. Gargnarg will send you to find a totem at -1491, 111, 34 (it's in the mines). Once found, return to him.
  3. Finally, return to Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains.

Rallos Zek
Quest Series
Proof in Strength
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