The Tablets of the Blademaster  

Command of the Orcish language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest is initiated by examining the Tablet of Kaesu, which drops off Blademaster Thul in the War Room of the The Clefts of Rujark. It requires you to speak the orc language.

First step is to visit another orc, Old Master Kakaru, out in the The Pillars of Flame at 1261, -107, -373 . He's non aggro NPC. Take carpet to Giant's Field, head northeast along the wall, you will spot his camp between the roaming giants and the Raptor area. If you get to raptors from carpet drop off you've gone too far.

He sends you to kill Thauz the Exiled, who can be found in northwest Pillars of Flame, on the mainland south of the Char'Gin island at 1448, -96, -1214 . Take a group with you this Orc has a nasty opening AoE melee. If I were to guess his class he's a 'zerker. His camp is atop the rock formation there, ramp up to it is on the west side of mountain. Return to Master Kakaru for next step.

After that you are sent to The Living Tombs for a tablet update. This is a clicky, and is found in the Priestess Room. Easiest way to describe it is, looking forward, jump down from aqueduct into pool, make a 90 degree left turn, step out of pool, make another 90 degree left turn, tablet will be up against base of the support pillar for the above structures at -282, -9, 174 . Again return to Master Kakaru.

This time he sends you to get:

If you have any of the items in your inventory when you get to this step, it will automatically update for you

Note: This part of the quest is buggy. Disband before you hail him if you are working this quest in a group.

After you finish gathering all the items, Old Master Kakaru gives you a Spirit Vessel. He then sends you to pirates perch in The Sinking Sands to find the burial mound of Nukhatam where you must bind his spirit to the Spirit Vessel. This is found at -2077, -152, 5 . The Spirit of Nukhatam will spawn, he is a level 55 ^^^ Heroic Mob. Kill him.

Return to Old Master Kakaru one last time. He will give you the completed set of tablets. Examine the bound spirit vessel (in your inventory) and the quest will complete.

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