The Means to an End...  

An oddity, this is a Heritage Quest that appears in the middle of a series of regular quests. The first quest in the series is Mysterious Mark

  1. Check your ingame mail (it will take 5-10 minutes until you receive the message). All the following mobs will become 83-85 ^^^ and attack you after you hail them.
  2. Go to Antonica and hail Cantile Digglefiz near Windstaker Village ( -1894, -32, -504 ) . This mob has an elemental detrimental and a knockback, so find someplace safe to pull him.
  3. Next, you must drop off a package at the Keep of the Ardent Needle in Antonica ( -547, -13, -325 )
  4. Check your ingame mail for the next step (it will take 5-10 minutes until you receive the message).
  5. Go speak to Kerand D'Gamd ( 695.50, -55.55, -154.02 ) in Darklight Wood, she will attack. She has a noxious based stifle, piercing, and a single target noxious DD (at level 90 conj with 75% noxious absorb vs lvl 90 this guy can do 6-11k poison damage! BEWARE SOLOING!).
  6. Click a barrel in the tunnel heading to Nektulos Forest.
  7. Check in game mail (it will take 5-10 minutes until you receive the message ).
  8. Instructions lead you to Timorous Deep docks to speak to Norian Deathblow ( 2492.44, 25.87, 1320.61 ) . Mob puts a poison dot that can be ranged that every 2 mins explodes which death prevents prevents.
  9. Click a barrel on the docks at 2392.13, 9.78, 1438.59 .
  10. 5 - 10 minutes later you get another in-game mail.
  11. Instructions lead you to the Commonlands to speak to Kason Withershadow in the Crossroads area ( -374.60, -47.25, -256.45 ) . Spawns 4 adds.
  12. Talk to Zadkiel X'aphon behind you. Will be given a Barrel to Butcherblock Mountains.
  13. Zone into the Halls of the Unseen:The Takeover. You should bring a solid group with you. Group members do not need to be on this step of the quest.
  14. Speak to Nyran Dudez in the zone.
  15. Fight your way through trash mobs to Misa Ravensoul. She will become attackable after a brief conversation. Kill her to complete your quest.

There are four versions of the Dark Mail Gauntlets available as a reward, one for each armor class.

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