Dom of the Elani  

This quest is the second in Havras "Hack" Scutter's line. It opens once you complete "The Hand of Glory"

This time, Hack wants you to recover another artifact called "The Dom of the Elani". He provides you with an item called a Etheric Spiriphone and instructs you to use it to talk to the spirit of a Elven Knight in the Somborn Cemetery who may have had it in his possession.

Go to -436.14, 15.54, 69.74 in the Somborn graveyard and click on the gravestone of Tazsu Nelivaza and use the Spiriphone to talk to the ghost of the Knight. Knight Tazsu Nelivaza tells you of how he wronged the people of Somborn and died for his transgression, and asks you to set free the spirits of those he killed.

Those spirits are the vengeful spirits found in the ravine behind the Cemetery. Kill them and then hail the Freed Spirits that spawn and ask them to forgive Tazsu. Repeat this ten times and then return to Tazsu. He tells you where to find the Dom of the Elani, in the Breathless Hollow under a soft patch of dirt at -277.59, -7.36, -74.98 . Examine the soil to loot the Dom and then return it to Hack Scutter in Somborn for reward and to open up the next quest, "The Blackwater Mask".

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