Thrael'Gorr Freedom Movement  

CategoryKael Drakkel
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Min Coin: 13g, 63s, 75c
Max Coin: 14g, 70s, 82c
Faction Changes:

I met an escaped Thrael'Gorr who is working side-by-side with the Ragebourne. Despite his brutish appearance the orc, named Swog Rogdish, appears intelligent and genuinely impassioned about freeing his enslaved kin. I've agreed to meet with another of his kind in a newly established camp of escaped slaves found somewhere in New Kael.

  1. Meet with Brig Bentfang at the escaped Thrael'Gorr camp in New Kael. ( -208, 1, -133 )

I've met with Brig Bentfang, brother of Bulg who is second in charge of the Thrael'Gorr Freedom Movement.

Kael Drakkel
Quest Series
Kael Drakkel (Contested)

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