Flesh and Steel  

This is the third quest in the Rallos Zek deity line. AS usual, it starts with Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains

  1. You will be sent to Klak'anon in the Steamfont Mountains. It can be found at -222, 87, 1403 .
  2. Once there, you must destroy 50 clockworks and take their parts. The ones around the entrance work well.
  3. After that, go to Lesser Faydark. You've quite a shopping list here:
    1. Kill 10 Teespirits. There are some near Greater Faydark station -550.93, -38.97, 368.54 and some on a cliff near the Lower Grove station.
    2. Kill 7 brownies in Lesser Faydark for their hearts (plenty around -491.81, -57.19, -234.13 )
    3. Kill 4 unicorns in Lesser Faydark and take their horns. (these are around 76.50, -24.26, 77.76 . Take a horse to Loping Plains station and jump off. They have killer knockback too!)
    4. Kill 6 fairy drakes in Lesser Faydark (plenty near Butcherblock Mountains station, but all high 50's in level)
  4. Return to Tychus Zeksworn in Butcherblock Mountains.

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