A Dragon and a Ninni  

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Ancient Draconic Relic

One last gnome has been located on the southern cliff edge of the Halls Of Fate. Head there with caution - you'll have to scale the cliff and could easily fall to your death.

  1. Find the missing gnome below the Halls of Hate.
    • Carefully go over the edge at the south side of the Halls of Fate
    • You'll get an update around -77, -621, 192 , but you still have to go GET her.
    • She's just over the edge at -74, -620, 193 . Insist on saving her.
      • Calthine's Note - I did not go back with another toon to see if the story line changes if you save the treasure instead.
      • Note: - If you pick treasure then she changes her mind and wants you to help her.
    • Then talk to her about it. Some people are so ungrateful.
  2. Return to Zastik

The quest completes. Zastik's a bit upset, but if you select the dialog option to tell the other teams the search is over, you're sent back to Bilgeron in Tenemrous Tangle, where this whole series began.

A Stealthy Guarding Cloud Mount
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