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Command of the Druzaic language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest is part of the Peacock Club series and is given by Malkonis D'Morte after you complete the Undead Censership quest. Malkonis is spawned by inspcting the Gargoyle at -192, +33, +294 in the Statue Court of the Living Tombs. He will give you a Stone Tablet. You must have completed the Words of Pure Magic quest to be able to read this. If you have then read it to advance the quest.

You must then gather five runes from the Living Tombs. Each of this is obtained by examining an Urn in the Living Tombs. They are:

  • Tumek: Sand Ash Urn ( -193, -6, +337 )
  • Tol: Soot Ash Urn ( -144, -5, +453 )
  • Ovu: Dust Ash Urn ( -54, +2, +355 )
  • Hal: Ember Ash Urn ( -79, -3, +440 )
  • Tek: Cinder Ash Urn ( -165, +1, +475 )

After this you must inspect the Tumek'Un Monolith at -105, +13, +728 or -105.96, +8.78, +283.25 . This will spawn Tumek'Toht. Speak with him.

Now gather 8 mouldering hearts from statue wardens and 10 mouldering hearts from Sulite tjats. The wardens are easy to find nut tjats may be scarce. All of the mummy groups have a chance to have tjats (they share spawn locations) so kill all of them to spawn more tjats.

Next you must fill two censers in the Living Tombs. They are:

  • Censer of Voh ( -74, -3, +372 )
  • Censer of Multan ( -197.78, -3.47, 370.58 )

After this return to the Tumek'Un Monolith and speak to Tumek'Toht to complete the quest.

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