Riliss Master Scholar Work Order  

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Min Coin: 8g, 11s, 18c
Max Coin: 9g, 12s, 19c
Faction Changes:

Start this quest by speaking with Preparations Officer Zekilius. He will give you riliss master scholar recipes. Scribe it (you must scribe it each time as the recipes will vanish from your book upon completion). Check the Work Requisitions clipboard on the wall beside him to get your work order.

Craft 6 of one of the following:

All recipes for this quest are level 78 and use the Geocraft skill. The required station will be appropriate to the item you are asked to craft.

You do not have to perform the work at Riliss, but all the stations are right there and eq2 mob:Wholesaler Dressik is ready to sell you any fuel you need.

The quest will update with each completed item, but no item will appear in your inventory.

Speak to the Preparations Officer once again to complete the writ.

Note: If you make more than 6 the extras will appear in your inventory. These can be sold to any vendor for 5  (the fuel cost).

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