In Honor and Service  

Game Update #58
Arcanum Revealed
October 12, 2010

In Game Update 58 this quest changed to level 19. You will need to be at least level 14 to receive this quest.

Captain R.K. Irontoe at 134, 111, 100 in Kelethin will give you this Heritage Quest. You have to listen through his long story about the fallen dwarves.

Getting the Quest

Choose the following dialogues:

  • "I would like to hear about Kaladim."
  • "What did Kaladim do during the War of the Fay?"
  • "What were trolls and ogres doing in Lesser Faydark?"
  • "Did the trolls and ogres stop the dwarven brigades?"
  • "What happened at the Battle of Brute Hill?"
  • "So they managed to reach Kelethin and rescue the city?"
  • "The dark elves burned the forest?"
  • "What about Felwithe, home of the high elves?"
  • "So the gnomes and their machines freed Felwithe."
  • "What else occurred in the Siege of Felwithe?"
  • "Were there any significant dwarven battles in Greater Faydark?"
  • "Please forgive my wording. I just wondered if there were any dwarven historical sites nearby."
  • "Tell me more." (choose this twice)
  • "So death was certain. How sad."
  • "Were they defeated?"
  • "Did the amazons stop the bonfire platoon?"
  • "What happened to the Bloodforge Brigade?"
  • "Where can I go to honor those that fought at the Battle at Burning Roots?"
  • "I will honor and serve."


  1. Click on the War Memorial for the Battle at Burning Root at -299, 18, -54 .
  2. You have to collect 10 Dwarven War Artifacts, which are random spawns around the area of the War Memorial. They are upright circular objects with a light spinning around them.
  3. Return to Captain Irontoe. He says he finds something odd in the items you collected and asks you to find the Dwarven Ringmail Designs.
  4. Head to the caves at Echo Echo Canyon, where you will find a strong box 3, -43, -296 . Click on it and examine the metal scraps. It says there must be a place nearby where the contents have been taken.
  5. Go to Orc Hill and click on a strongbox inside a tent at 291, 61, -140 .
  6. Leave the tent and go northeast. Click on the scroll laying on a mat at 255,67,-181 . Read the entire scroll.
  7. Kill the Crushbone Invaders outside the tents until you get 3 Tuning Disc updates.
  8. Click on the Gong at 285, 61, -154 .
  9. Find and kill 3 Crushbone spies. All of the spies spawn as you draw close. If they don't, it may be because someone has just killed them; repop is only a couple of minutes.
    • The first spy is found at -191, 4, -14 , between Tunare's Sapling and the war memorial you will see the lights of the Orc Scribblings.
    • The second spy is found at 716, 8, -78 near the zone to Butcherblock Mountains, up on the arching tree branch.
    • The third spy is located up in Kelethin. Take the Old Kelethin Acorn Lift up and when disembarking turn right. There is a branch here you can walk along at 85,93,43 to find the Orc Scribblings around 152, 111, 78 .
  10. Head towards Tunare's Sapling and jump in the pond, follow the river east until you find The Mushroom King at -144, -10, 141 , who offers to help you get Shrool Dust.
  11. Now you need to kill 20 Fayflies and collect 10 Brook Patch Toadstools. Both can be found in the area of Tunare's Glade ( -238, 37, 382 ) . Look on the leaves and branches as well as the ground for the toadstools.
  12. Return to The Mushroom King, who will now give you the Shrool Dust.
  13. Head back to Orc Hill and click on the strongbox again. Examine the dwarven ringmail plans and read the note in them.
  14. You now have to find 9 copies of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans. All of these can be found in the Orc Valley. You must kill all members of the groups to get the update and all of the plans are auto updates. For copies 6 through 9 you may need to kill the Crushbone Footmen placeholders to get the Experdition Officers to spawn. The placeholders may have been removed with GU58.
    • First Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill a Sullon Brigade Warsmith at -654, 81, -263 .
    • Second Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill a Vallon Brigade Warsmith at -747, 70, -83 .
    • Third Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill a Derris Brigade Warsmith at -835, 97, 11 .
    • Fourth Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill a Tallon Brigade Warsmith at -1080, 115, 211 .
      • As you come to the end of the cave, there are four tents in front of you. The Tallon Brigade Warsmith is in the first tent on the right.
    • Fifth Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill a Gullon Brigade Warsmith at -1393, 117, 175 .
    • Sixth Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill the Crushbone Expedition Leader at -753, 80, -206 .
    • Seventh Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill the Crushbone Expedition Chef at -781, 90, -261 .
    • Eighth Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill the Crushbone Expedition Weaponsmith at -787, 89, -222 or -811,116,-162 .
    • Ninth Copy of the Dwarven Ringmail Plans: kill the Crushbone Expedition Planner at -724, 97, -262 .
  15. Enter Crushbone Keep and examine the four chests inside the first room. There are two chests each on the right and left sides of the room.
    • Expedition Planner's Lockerbox: -18,-0.04,38 {far right)
    • Expedition Weaponsmith's Lockerbox: -19,-0.04,35 (far right)
    • Expedition Chef's Lockerbox: 21,-0.04,49 (far left)
    • Expedition Leader's Lockerbox: 9,-0.04,31 (left center)
  16. Return to Captain R.K. Irontoe to complete your quest and receive your suit of ringmail.


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