A Boisterous Alliance  

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CategorySanctum of the Scaleborn
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Boots of Bashing
Voodoll of Valor
Bulwark of the Brave

This quest is initiated by talking to Gribbly the Gallant at 74,126,174 , a prisoner in the Scaleborn stockade in one of the chambers on the first floor of the Sanctum of the Scaleborn. Gribbly ask you to fetch him secret knowledge of three masters of evil.

  1. Hunt down a prestigious Orate in a room before the froglok stockade.
    • The prestigious Orate is Orate Sivark. You get to him by killing a herald of Dar ( 9, 142, 42 ) , in the oratorium on top of stairs. This opens up a ring event - either the Hand of the Exarch pops X4, and then Exarch and guards immediately after kill, or with Sivark popping solo.
    • The Herald of Dar that pops on top of the stairs will also give this update.
  2. Hunt down a spiritual leader in the halls before the froglok stockade.
    • The spiritual leader is an Awakened Spiritualist ( 159, 157, -88 ) in the Ready Room.
  3. Hunt down a prestigious member of the Oratorium in the halls before the froglok stockade.
    • a Herald of Dar ( 14.14, 142.02 40.94, 178.46 ) flying around in The Oratorium will give the update.
  4. Return to Gribbly to complete the quest.

Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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Taking Tactical Tomes
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