A bit of Fire, A bit of Ice  

This is the quest for the recipe that allows Alchemists to make lower Tier dusts into higher Tier dusts.

Alchemist Janicia needs you to gather two things in Everfrost and two things in Lavastorm.

  • Find an ice crystal in Everfrost, under the docks at -56,-32,157.
  • Collect a frostfin scale in Everfrost, found anywhere on the waterline on the ice flows. Has been found around (-202, -20.5, 108)
  • Find a lava crystal on the beach in Lavastorm.
  • Find a magma wormling scale in Lavastorm, near the rocks where the magma wormlings bask on the hot beach.

Bring them to her and get the recipe Alchemist Distillations.

Rivervale Alchemist
Quest Series
Distillation Inspiration
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