A Final Note  

Command of the Thulian language is required to start or complete this quest.

This quest is initiated by walking to the Peacock Club entrance after completing the Secrets of a Used Skull quest.

You must first examine a note outside of the Peacock Club It's right outside of it on the ground.

After this you must speak to Camel Dealer Ha'kal near the Court of the Coins in Maj'Dul. This is tricky because sometimes he is on Coin faction and will attack others, and other times he is non-aggro.

He will send you to speak to Camel Trainer Jabiri in the Sinking Sands -1173, -149, -323 . You must then find three ebbnut in the Sinking Sands. These are ground spawn at the bottom of the ocean near -1795, -250, 170 . Confirmed locations include: -1893.32, -258.22, 306.43 .

You must then find a Dunestrider Camel -832, -121, -522 and lead it back to Camel Trainer Jabiri.

Head to the Oasis of Raef and inspect a note at -581, -131, -770 . It's a scroll sticking out of the doorway of the wooden hut. Once there visit Kerakta the Guide who wanders near -364, -119, -820 to -701, -121, -921 . This requires you to be able to speak Lizardman (Thulian).

You must first gather 5 auto-updating pieces from a Skeletal Cobras -398, -69, -413 . Then return to Kerakta.

You must then gather a number of artifacts that are ground spawn near -335, -131, -1005 . Just wander around the Oasis and they spawn randomly in this area. They are:

  • a Calligraphy Set
  • a Map Scroll
  • a Correspondence Pad
  • a Sketch Book
  • a Drum
  • a Wine Bottle

You must then collect three auto-updating pieces from Anaz Mal Scavengers outside of the The Living Tombs entrance. The Scavengers are mostly found on the west side of the oasis, on the outside ring.

You must then speak to The Weeping Hermit who wanders around the west side around -399, -159, -1379 of the northern oasis.

You must then head to -375, -180, -1460 and some Sandcrack Gravediggers will spawn and attack you. Kill them and return to the Weeping Hermit.

Next it's time to head to the The Living Tombs. Jump down into the pool from the entrance and five sentinel of Anu'ishs will spawn. Kill them to spawn an encounter that includes Kahil Baldoras and Hakfsa Ka'lin. Kill them. Then examine the corpse in the bottom of the pool.

You must then head to the Peacock Club and speak to Marshal Ralem Christof. Upon exiting the Peacock Club the quest will close and you will receive your reward.

Head to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'tael for the next quest in the series: Delving into Darkness.

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