Brothers in Chains  

CategoryThe Ruins of Guk: The Outer Stronghold of Ykesha
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 31g, 73s, 78c
Max Coin: 34g, 80s, 87c

A young Froglok named Freluup begs you to free her friends in Ykesha's Stronghold, whether that means freeing them of their bonds or allowing the living frogloks to kill them.

  1. Keyhole
    Search for keys on the troll guards in the Stronghold and use them to free the frogloks (6) within the cells.
    • These keys drop from nearly all the Trolls. They are physical but all party members will get an update when one of you unlocks a froglok in the cells.
  2. Shackles
    Seek out the shackles (6) used to restrain the cursed frogloks.
    • Click on the shackles on the walls. These do not have frogloks locked in them.
  3. Return to Freluup

Moors of Ykesha
Quest Series
Firmroot Moot

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