The Stone Behind the Ankh  

Command of the Thulian language is required to start or complete this quest. An alternate method for completing the quest without it exists.

  1. Talk to Sir Trodonis in Butcherblock Mountains at 866, 44, -280 and receive the ankh necklace.
  2. Examine the necklace and talk to Sir Trodonis again.
  3. Examine Ardan Zimel's tombstone in the cemetery in Village of Somborn at -400,18,85 in Loping Plains.
  4. You are asked to find evidence of Ardan Zimel. Talk to Horatio Mercuria, the Somborn mender, at -328,14,-18 .
  5. Talk to Ardan Zimel at the small graveyard at the base of Castle Mistmoore ( 800,84,75 ) .
  6. Talk to Basil Askerville ( 210,65,-167 ) behind The Pumpkin Headed Horseman, but not inside The Wolf's Maw. As long as you do not die, you can continue the conversation and get the update without killing anything. If Basil Askerville is not currently spawned, you will need to kill the werewolves at the camp to get him to appear. Basil and his werewolf bodyguards spawn every morning in Norrath.
  7. Go to Arkelek's Gash in the Loping Plains and find the three blades. These are swords that appear on the ground. You need to go to them in order, then click on them, and pour the blood over them. This will make them spawn into attackable non-aggro NPCs, which you then need to kill. Their locations are:
    1. First (Level 69^): -173, 4, 335
    2. Second (Level 69^^): -301, -4, 339
    3. Third (Level 70^^^ Heroic): -333, 1, 463 (could possibly spawn as 69 ^^^)
  8. Return to Basil Askerville.
  9. Talk to Ardan Zimel on one of the lower mezzanines on the steps of Castle Mistmoore 457,133,-10 . He will spawn as you get near the location. At the end of the conversation, you will be attacked by an angry mob of 6 level 68v Heroic Somborn villagers. You can kill them with no faction loss.
  10. Make your way to The Ascent in the Mistmoore Catacombs and climb up to the level that Edge is on. Go to the west end of the long east-west hallway -74,-31,28 . Here you will find the chest. Attempt to open it using your ankh necklace. The quest will update and tell you to 'search for the origin of the magic chest.' This means it's time to head to Kaladim next.
  11. Upon reaching Kaladim, click and examine a pile of books up the climbable wall above the forge near -12,33,-279 . The quest will update with a series of tasks required to make copies of the 3 keys needed to open the chest. The room with the book itself is unguarded and you can use invisibility to sneak up to it without getting attacked by the things below. Interacting with the book doesn't drop invis.
    1. You need to get 12 uncommon vibrellium ore updates from Grungetalon miners around 109,12,-346
    2. Get the Enigma Crystals. These are guaranteed drops from the Grungetalon directors in the central room. Directors are part of a group that spawn where the living rock piles are. If they aren't up, clear the rock piles to respawn them.
    3. Then you have to 'claim the key mold' from the 'master of the forge.' Update from either Iron Lord Kraxxaxis or his placeholder, an Iron Lord, on the roof of the room where you inspected the book.
    4. Collect three forge hammers (Brell, Bolgin and Syrill). You get the updates by killing the high priests in the Cathedral 57, 30, -399 (which are not named mobs). It's one update per room within the cathedral.
  12. Go to the Everhot Forge (more like an anvil) in the building upon which the Iron Lord spawns.
  13. Polish the keys off at the grinding stone upstairs. It's the anvil on the bottom floor closest to the climbing wall.
  14. Now, you return to the chest in the Mistmoore Catacombs ( -74,-31,28 ) .
  15. You are asked a Series of riddles.
    • Note: You need to speak Thulian to answer some riddles. If anyone in your party does not, then choose the answer wrong four times in a row. Each time you do, it spawns one of the armors next to you. When you kill it, they will get an update anyway.
    • The riddle answers are:
      1. Another Riddle
      2. Ariska Zimel
      3. The Duchy of the Dead
      4. Sir Lucan D'Lere
  16. Return to Sir Trodonis at 866,44,-280 in the Butcherblock Mountains. He then asks you to wait while he researches the hilt.
    • This takes approximately 5 minutes; then, he will give you the next quest in the series.

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